reviews “Yoga for the Classroom” DVD and Video…

“A guide for…teachers & others who work with youths to help them integrate yoga…& exercises into the weekly classroom curriculum. Amazingly, Bickley…is genuinely warm & encouraging…& manages to not only show the kids a fun time but to teach them something about alignment & the benefits of yoga.”

AWARENESS MAGAZINE reviews Yoga for the Classroom:

“This fun instructional video is a practical tool to help teachers incorporate yoga into the classroom…Teachers and students will feel comfortable doing the exercises shown. This video is a great way for teachers and students to discover the endless benefits of yoga!”

“Yoga for the Classroom- This DVD, developed by Michele Bickley, a former Los Angeles Unified School teacher, now of Muv Dance and Yoga, lets you enjoy 30 minutes of kid friendly yoga. Muv brings their program to more than 50 schools in the LA area and offer private lessons.”

“…Seventh Street Elementary is designated as an Arts prototype school, the school district provides them with funds to spend on arts teachers. Bickley and Richter, with their Muv Dance and Yoga company, are one of the contractors schools can hire…The energy is radiantly positive and students are soaking up the imagination-expanding vibes. During the 5 week residency, Muv will come every Tuesday to teach classes on the art of yoga and the possibilities of learning through creative movement. “It’s fun, we get to stretch and learn how to keep our balance,” said fifth-grader Rebecca Merquez. “It’s really peaceful.” But twisting and balancing are only part of the routine. The other half consists of incorporating classroom curriculum into creative movement in what is called kinesthetic learning – a teaching and learning style in which lessons consists of a student actually carrying out a physical activity, rather than just listening to a lecture or merely watching a demonstration…”

MUV Dance & Yoga is a Los Angeles based Creative Movement Education Company. They have just released a new DVD, “Yoga for the Classroom.”

Forty minutes in length, it is quite unique. The video is geared not only towards students but is also a practical tool for teachers.

The entire video is set inside a classroom. It is broken into different sections, and yoga teacher Michele Bickley (co-founder of MUV and yoga teacher at Yoga Works) leads students through conscious breathing, stretching, and visualization exercises to create an optimal learning environment…