Michele is wonderful. I always leave her classes feeling so much lighter emotionally and physically. (And at any time if you don’t like where the class is going, feel free to flip her the bird. She responds well to constructive feedback) – Beth

Michele is not only a gifted yoga teacher, but also a deeply beautiful and generous human. Her classes have fulfilled a physical and spiritual need in my life, and because of her kind guidance, I have been able to take my practice to places I never imagined would be possible. She embodies what it means to be a yogi both on and off the mat!- Laura

Michele is one of the first yoga teachers that made me realize that yoga wasn’t just about exercise, it was about connecting to something higher. The more I took her class, the more I needed it, the more I learned about myself, the more I felt like a better person because of her and her class. You feel an immediate ease when Michele is around, like she truly cares about you, and creates this space where there is zero judgment, where you can be free. She also gives the most incredible adjustments and massages, which is like the icing on the cake. – Carrie

Attending Michele’s class is so much more than just going to yoga. She is truly tuned in to the needs of her students and customizes every class to what their bodies (and minds) need that day. Michele leads her students on a journey that is never quite the same and I promise you will leave class having opened up and strengthened your physical body, but also feeling deeply grounded and at peace. – Julia

Michele is a gifted yoga teacher. While her classes can be physical, ranging from emphasizing the correct fundamentals of the basics to leading interested students into the poses usually found in the more advanced classes, she never waivers from the philosophy of yoga as it relates to her students and their growth. She is never rushed, and has the depth of personal experience to be able to instantly adapt her instruction to the needs of the class. She senses these needs and offers a yoga session to meet those needs and improves the overall feeling and mood of each student. She is aware of each student and is quick to offer a suggestion or make a correction as is necessary. Michele has studied with internationally recognized yogis and has many years of dance experience. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to either begin the study of yoga or deepen their current practice and advance to the next level. – John

I found Michele’s yoga classes four years ago and they have been a major part of my life ever since. She creates a safe place to practice and grow, and I always come away feeling more centered. The love of Michele’s classes runs in my family! My son has been taking her kids yoga class for two years, and loves to show me all of the new poses he learned in her Kids yoga. He also remembers (usually!) that he is supposed to take the ‘big yoga breaths’ he has learned in class when he feel upset. – Nicki

Michele classes have been a life changer for me. They gave me a spiritual lift, introduced me to a real yoga community and took away all my back pain. She’s a beautiful light on this Earth and I always think about how lucky I am to have her as my teacher every Mon and Thursday night. – Justine

As most know, yoga can change your life- add Michele and you are set. She makes you feel like you are taking a private class yet at the same time you are surrounded by others. I have been taking yoga for over 25 years and Michele is by far one of the best teachers I have ever experienced. -Dana

A wonderful staff development! Relaxing for our stressed out staff members and useful with our stressed students!
– Brenda Litt, Principal, Anatola Elementary

Excellent facilitators! Mūv’s Team Building Workshop was relaxing, fun, and challenging. Their dance activities allowed me to explore personal and group creativity. Leaders and followers worked interchangeably and together.
– B. Johnson, Principal, Western Elementary

Mūv’s dance and yoga teachers are easily the best we have worked with! They are loved by both students and staff and work consistently with Castlebay teachers to integrate movement and kinesthetic techniques creatively throughout the curriculum.
– Eileen Cipriano, Arts Cadre Chairperson and teacher

Mūv’s workshop gets a perfect 10. I learned that dance can help teach any subject. Mike & Michele taught us simple techniques that can be used across genders, grade levels, curriculums, and abilities.
– Michelle Tinsley, 4th grade teacher

This was an amazing bonding activity for our staff. The yoga was a really great part of the workshop and a nice contrast between the creative movement.
– JoAnn Sayers, K teacher

Mūv dance & yoga used innovative and creative lessons to captivate and cultivate my imagination!
– Sarah Pai, 1 st grade teacher

This PD really woke me up! I feel that this has really opened my mind to more creative expressions. I was constantly involved and learned ways to teach vocabulary with a kinesthetic lesson. Excellent!
– Malaika Clements, 4th grade teacher

Mūv’s Yoga for the Classroom Professional Development was very relaxing. I had never done yoga before and didn’t think I was very fond of it. I thought it was silly. But after I tried it, I felt VERY relaxed and thankful to you!
– Anna Macintosh, 3rd grade teacher

Mūv’s Professional Development was excellent! I learned how to incorporate movement with Open Court.
– Howard Bransky, 5th grade teacher

Dance and Yoga with Mūv is wonderful! Our ongoing PD’s are a great way to unwind. Stress disappears and I feel reenergized.
– Helen Toy, Arts Cadre Chairperson and teacher