What Happens On Our Mat

There is a special kind of love that happens in a yoga class.  I don’t think that most people come to yoga consciously seeking that love, but if they stick around, they will experience it.  And, then want to experience … Read More

15 All Time Best Yoga Songs

I started playing music in my yoga classes for a very practical and necessary reason: teaching in elementary schools, there were constant noises and distractions. I needed some background, ambient music as a kind of white noise to help create … Read More

Going for Headstand

“Go ahead and press up into your headstand.” Ugh, not those words again. Please, anything but that. It was 1999 and, yes, I was in a yoga class. Folded forward in Prasarita Padottanasana, the crown of my head firmly planted … Read More

Airplane Yoga

This is the part of the ride where my body starts to ache and feel tight. We are on an airplane on the way to good ol’ Dallas, Texas, to see our family for Thanksgiving. We are two hours in, one … Read More

A Simple Stress Buster!

I was streaming down the freeway, kids chattering in the backseat, music playing on the radio, and my mind going through my To-Do list for the dinner party we were throwing that night, when I heard my son yelling, “Mom! … Read More

How Yoga Can Save Our Schools

More than ever, kids (and teachers!) are in desperate need for yoga to be integrated into their school day. Not to sound dramatic, but we are in a state of national crisis when it comes to education. School is a … Read More

The Birthday Ritual

She sits by her window.  The first light of a crisp dawn is starting to break through the night.  She is up before anyone else and almost does not recognize the quiet hum in her house.  Today is her birthday. … Read More

The Greatest Neck Stretch Ever!

I was diagnosed with chronic neck pain in college.  It would frequently “go out” and hurt so much I couldn’t even turn my head.  Everyday things like driving became extremely difficult and sometimes impossible.  I was using so much Advil … Read More